There's something in the air.


..Muckelig warm hier im Büro. Schwitzende 26,3°C - wer zum Teufel lässt nachts die Heizung auf voller Leistung an?!


You think you know me, got me figured out?
You’re casting shadows, I’m casting doubt.
You think you know me, you think I care?
You should spend some time with the person in the mirror.

I'm a fist, I'm afraid, I'm a link in the chain,
I'm the worst of the best, but I'm in this race.
You don't know me.
I'm a knife, I'm a rope, I'm a bitter pill,
I'm a tooth on the cog that you built to spill.
You don't know me.

I'm not defined by what you think I am,
I won't fall into your predetermined plan.
All like diamonds without the shine,
If you never take the time you never know what you won't find.

I'm a crow, I'm the most with the least to gain.
I'm a fading Mona Lisa in a plywood frame.
You don't know me.
I'm a ring on a tree in a life that fell,
what I did I done good and what I done I did well.
You don't know me!

Hate is a river flowing with money and greed,
Drawing borders, lines on a map we don't need.

I'm a wall, I'm a fence, I'm a dotted line.
I'm the land you kill for in the name of your kind,
You don't know me!
I'm a storm, I'm a sign, I'm a bleeding heart;
I'm the time that got away. It's already gone.

You don't know me.


26.5.10 08:17

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Lisa / Website (26.5.10 17:56)
So warm ist es in deinem Büro? Ach herrje, kann man da überhaupt noch gescheit arbeiten?

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