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"I wake up every morning with a smile on my face, pushing aside all misery. I try to think of the good things I have in life. Everyone is different, but everyone feels pain. Yet, we all have those times, where we just look up and say "thank you", because we are lucky enough to be where we are. Girls are brittle and some guys break hearts, but that's just life, and we all have to learn to accept it. If you think about all the downsides of everything, you will end up having a terrible day. Stop thinking about it and think about the things you do have. Breathe and tell yourself, you're going to be fine, because miracles do happen. It's going to be hard at times and you're going to cry. It's going to go smoothly at times, because nothing went wrong in the day. This is life and what it's made up of. Appreciate what you have and don't live by what you want, because that's not what it's about. Let the people, who care most about you, help you through everything, because that's the best thing anyone should ask for.

Don't forget: Everything really truly does happen for a reason."


Zahl der Woche: 18

Zitat der Woche:
"Den Narben lacht, wer Wunden nie gefühlt." (William Shakespeare)

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